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  • Capital Punishment: The United States is the only English-speaking Western democracy that still uses the death penalty to punish convicted killers. Is death a just and moral penalty for murder, or is capital punishment a cruel and unusual practice that should be banned? [ More on Human Rights]

  • Gun Control: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. But can that right be regulated by the federal government? Does gun control reduce violence and keep people safe, or does it too often amount to an unconstitutional power grab by the government? [ More on Law Enforcement]

  • Public Transportation Funding: Should the federal government help fund mass-transit projects? Is spending taxpayer money on public transportation ultimately good for both the economy and the environment, or should such expenditures be left to the private sector? [ More on Transportation]

  • Retirement Funding: Is the current system of funding retirement in the United States adequate for most Americans? Do the 401(k) plans used by many employers and workers provide a flexible, secure retirement, or are they too often too risky and unstable for people to rely on as a source of income after they stop working? [ More on Employment]

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