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New Adult Books for October 2009!

New Books for October 2009 (Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction)
Title Author Print Type Category
A Fiery Peace in a Cold War Sheehan, Neil Regular Print Non-fiction (Military History)
A Gate at the Stairs Moore, Lorrie Regular Print Domestic Fiction
A Touch of Dead Harris, Charlaine Regular Print Fantasy Fiction
Amigoland Casares, Oscar Regular Print Fiction
Angel Time Rice, Anne Regular Print Fantasy Fiction
Arguing With Idiots Beck, Glenn Regular Print Non-Fiction (Politics)
Ask Arthur Frommer Frommer, Arthur Regular Print Non-Fiction (Travel)
Breaking the Rules Bradford, Barbara Taylor Regular Print Domestic Fiction
End the Fed Paul, Ron Regular Print Non-Fiction (Monetary Policy/Banking)
Evidence Kellerman, Jonathan Regular Print Mystery Fiction
Fearless Lucado, Max Regular Print Non-Fiction (Faith/Religion)
Free-Range Kids Skenazy, Lenore Regular Print Non-Fiction (Child-rearing)
Getting Back to Even Cramer, James J. and Mason, Cliff Regular Print Non-Fiction (Personal Finance)
Grave Secret Harris, Charlaine Regular Print Fantasy Fiction
Have a Little Faith Albom, Mitch Large Print Non-Fiction (Faith/Religion)
Heartbreak Cafe Stokes, Penelope Large Print Romance Fiction
Her Fearful Symmetry Niffenegger, Audrey Large Print Fiction
Hothouse Orchid Woods, Stuart Large Print Suspense/Thriller Fiction
House of Reckoning Saul, John Regular Print Psychological/Horror Fiction
How to Smell a Rat Fisher, Ken Regular Print Non-Fiction (Investements, Fraud)
How to Take Over Teh World Professor Happycat Humorous Fiction
Hungry Girl: 200 under 200 Lillien, Lisa Regular Print Non-fiction (Cooking)
In the President's Secret Service Kessler, Ronald Regular Print Non-Fiction
Jumper Cable Anthony, Piers Regular Print Fantasy Fiction
Losing The News Jones, Alex Regular Print Non-Fiction (Journalism)
Once in a Blue Moon Goudge, Eileen Regular Print Domestic/Psychological Fiction
Perfect Piece Seitz, Rebeca Large Print Christian Fiction
Pilgrims: A Wobegon Romance Keillor, Garrison Large Print General Fiction
Pursuit of Honor Flynn, Vince Regular Print Suspense/Thriller Fiction
Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich Kiyosaki, Robert Regular Print Non-Fiction (Personal Finance)
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters Austen, Jane and Winters, Ben H. Regular Print Fiction
Southern Lights Steel, Danielle Regular Print Mystery Fiction
Tender Graces Magendie, Kathryn Large Print Women's Fiction
The Case for God Armstrong, Karen Regular Print Non-Fiction (Faith/Religion)
The Case of the Missing Servant Hall, Tarquin Large Print Mystery Fiction
The Greatest Show on Earth Dawkins, Richard Regular Print Non-Fiction (Evolution)
The Humbling Roth, Phillip Regular Print Psychological Fiction
The Perfect Christmas Macomber, Debbie Regular Print Romance Fiction
The Professional Parker, Robert Regular Print Mystery Fiction
The Professional Parker, Robert Large Print Mystery Fiction
The Scarpetta Factor Cornwell, Patricia Regular Print Mystery Fiction
The Spire Patterson, Richard North Large Print Suspense/Thriller Fiction
The Year of the Flood atwood, Margaret Regular Print Science Fiction
True Blue Baldacci, David Regular Print Mystery Fiction
Where Men Win Glory Krakauer, Jon Regular Print Biography