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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, July 2011

New Titles for July 2011

Title Author Print Type Category

A Heart for Home Snelling, Lauraine Large Print Christian Fiction
Against All Enemies Clancy, Tom Large Print Suspense Fiction
Burnt Mountain Siddons, Anne Rivers Regular Domestic Fiction
Carte Blanche 007 Deaver, Jeffery Large Print Thriller Fiction
Chioces of One Zahn, Timothy Regular Science Fiction
Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? Tyler, Steven Regular Biography
Fallen Slaughter, Karin Large Print Thriller Fiction
Ghost Story Butcher, Jim Regular Fantasy Fiction
Glory Riders L'Amour, Louis Large Print Western Fiction
Happy Birthday Steel, Danielle Regular Romance Fiction
Home Upgrades for Under $600 Wiley, John Regular Non-Fiction
Justice Robards, Karen Regular Romantic Suspense
Learning Kingsbury, Karen Large Print Christian Fiction
Monument to Murder Truman, Margaret Large Print Mystery Fiction
Not Afraid of Life Palin, Bristol Regular Non-Fiction
Outlaw's Promise Hogan, Ray Large Print Western Fiction
Overbite Cabot, Meg Regular Fantasy Fiction
Plain Proposal Wiseman, Beth Large Print Christian Fiction
Portrait of a Spy Silva, Daniel Regular Suspense Fiction
Quinn: A Novel Johansen, Iris Regular Romantic Suspense
Spider Web Fowler, Earlene Large Print Mystery Fiction
Split Second Coulter, Catherine Regular Suspense Fiction
The Devil Colony Rollins, James Regular Suspense Fiction
The Greater Journey McCullough, James Regular Non-Fiction
The Silent Girl Gerritsen, Tess Regular Suspense Fiction
The Steampunk Bible Vandermeer, Jeff Regular Non-Fiction
Threading the Needle Bostwick, Marie Large Print Domestic fiction
To Win Her Heart Witemeyer, Karen Large Print Christian Fiction
When Passion Rules Lindsey, Johanna Regular Romance Fiction
Wherever Grace Is Needed Bass, Elizabeth Large Print Domestic Fiction