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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction for July 2015

New Titles for July 2015
Title Author Print Type Category
A Curious Mind Grazer, Brian Regular Non-Fiction
A Full Life Carter, Jimmy Regular Biography
A God In Ruins Atkinson, Kate Regular Historical Ficton
A Lucky Life Interrupted Brokaw, Tom Regular Biography
A Thing of Beauty Samson, Lisa Large Christian Romance
A Time For Truth Cruz, Ted Regular Biography
A Work in Progress Franta, Connor Regular Biography
Adios America Coulter, Ann Regular Non-Fiction
All the Single Ladies Frank, Dorthea Benton Regular General Fiction
American Wife Kyle, Taya Regular Non-Fiction
And the Good News Is Perino, Dana Regular Biography
Arctic Shadow Sundell, Joanne Regular Historical Ficton
As Sure As the Dawn Rivers, Francine Large Christian Fiction
Beach Town Andrews, Mary Kay Regular Romance Fiction
Charlie Matrz and other stories Leonard, Elmore Regular Short Stories
Clinton Cash Schweizer, Peter Regular Non-Fiction
Code of Conduct Thor, Brad Regular Suspense Fiction
Cold Frame Deutermann, P.T. Regular Mystery Fiction
Country Steel, Danielle Regular Romance Fiction
Daughter of the Regiment Whitson, Stephanie Grace Large Christian Fiction
Dead Ice Hamilton, Laurel K. Regular Paranormal Romance
Down the Rabbit Hole Madison, Holly Regular Biography
Ever After Deveraux, Jude Large Romance Fiction
Gumption Offerman, Nick Regular Non-Fiction
Her Brother's Keeper Wiseman, Beth Large Christian Fiction
Home of Our Hearts Gunn, Robin Jones Large Christian Fiction
Hope Berry, Amanda Regular Non-Fiction
I, Ripper Hunter, Stephen Large Suspense Fiction
In the Unlikely Event Blume, Judy Regular General Fiction
It's A Long Story Nelson, Willie Regular Biography
Luckiest Girl Alive Knoll, Jessica Regular Psychological Fiction
Moonshadows Weston, Julie Regular Mystery Fiction
Nemesis Coulter, Catherine Regular Suspense Fiction
On The Move Sacks, Oliver Regular Biography
Our Souls At Night Haruf, Kent Regular Domestic Fiction
Pedro Martinez, Pedro Regular Biography
Primates of Park Avenue Martin, Wednesday Regular Non-Fiction
Radiant Angel DeMille, Nelson Regular Suspense Fiction
Refining Fire Peterson, Tracie Large Christian Fiction
Robert Moses: The Master Builder Christin, Pierre Regular Biography
Rock With Wings Hillerman, Anne Regular Mystery Fiction
Seveneves Stephenson, Neal Regular Science Fiction
Someday Home Snelling, Lauraine Regular Christian Fiction
Speaking in Bones Reichs, Kathy Regular Mystery Fiction
The Billion Dollar Spy Hoffman, David E. Regular Non-Fiction
The Crimson Hills Holmes, L.P. Large Western Fiction
The English Spy Silva, Daniel Regular Suspense Fiction
The Fateful Lightning Shaara, Jeff Regular Historical Ficton
The First Confessor Goodkind, Terry Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Invasion of the Tearling Johansen, Erika Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Melody Lingers On Clark, Mary Higgins Large Mystery Fiction
The Naked Eye Johansen, Iris Regular Mystery Fiction
The Novel Habits of Happiness Smith, Alexander McCall Regular Mystery Fiction
The Quartet Ellis, Joseph J. Regular Non-Fiction
The Rescued Perry, Marta Large Christian Romance
The Road to Character Brooks, David Regular Non-Fiction
The Sixth Rider McCoy, Max Large Western Fiction
The Truth According to Us Barrows, Annie Regular Historical Ficton
The Walking Dead Vol. 23 Kirkman, Robert Regular Graphic Novel
The Witch of Painted Sorrows Rose, M.J. Large Occult Fiction
The Wright Brothers McCullough, David Regular Biography
Those Girls Stevens, Chevy Large Suspense Fiction
Tiffany Girl Gist, Deeanne Large Christian Ficton
We Are Not Ourselves Thomas, Matthew Regular Domestic Fiction
Wedded to War Green, Jocelyn Large Christian Ficton
When To Rob a Bank Levitt, Steven D. Regular Non-Fiction
Wicked Charms Evanovich, Janet Regular Humorous Fiction