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New March 2012 Content for Issues and Controversies Databases

Issues and Controversies

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  • For-Profit Colleges: Should for-profit colleges have to meet certain requirements in order to be allowed to receive payments from students made with federal financial aid dollars? Do for-profit colleges provide educational opportunities to students who might not otherwise have them, or do they charge extraordinarily high fees in return for an inadequate education?

  • Military Budget Cuts: Will a new plan to cut the U.S. defense budget streamline the military and better prepare it for the challenges of the 21st century, or will it endanger U.S. security by leaving the country unprepared to fight multiple wars at the same time?

  • Super PACs: Do super PACs--political action committees that can channel unlimited amounts of money into political candidates' campaigns--allow the wealthy and powerful a louder voice than anyone else's, and thus undermine democracy? Or do the super PACs facilitate free speech?

  • U.S. Policy Toward Iran: How serious a threat is Iran's nuclear program? Should the U.S. and its allies launch a military strike to ensure that Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon, or are there still peaceful methods that can be used to resolve the situation?

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