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New Titles (Adult) for May 2012

New Titles for May 2012

Title Author Print type Category

11th Hour Patterson, James Regular Mystery Fiction
2312 Robinson, Kim Stanley Regular Science Fiction
A Wondering Heart Kinkade, Thomas Large Christian Fiction
An Amish Family Reunion Ellis, Mary Large Christian Fiction
Bats of Texas Ammerman, Loren K. Regular Non-Fiction
Born of Silence Kenyon, Sherrilyn Regular Fantasy Fiction
Breaking News Michaels, Fern Regular Romance Fiction
Bring up the Bodies Mantel, Hilary Regular Historical Fiction
Confessions of a Scary Mommy Smokler, Jill Regular Non-Fiction
Deadlocked Harris, Charlaine Regular Mystery Fiction
Do Not Ask What Good We Do Draper, Robert Regular Non-Fiction
Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive Meyer, Joyce Large Non-Fiction
Dream New Dreams Pausch, Jai Regular Biography
Drift Maddow, Rachel Regular Non-Fiction
Drop Dead Healthy Jacobs, A. J. Regular Biography
Father's Day Bissinger, Buzz Regular Non-Fiction
Force of Nature Box, C. J. Large Thriller Fiction
Gypped Clark, Carol Higgins Large Mystery Fiction
Gypped Clark, Carol Higgins Regular Mystery Fiction
Hard Measures Rodriguez, Jose A. Regular Biography
Home Morrison, Toni Regular General Fiction
I Suck at Girls Halpern, Justin Regular Humor Fiction
Imagine Lehrer, Jonah Regular Non-Fiction
Imperfect: An Improbable Life Abbott, Jim Regular Biography
In One Person Irving, John Regular Psychological Fiction
Lady Almina and the Real Downtown Abbey Carnarvon, Fiona Regular Biography
Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake Quindlen, Anna Regular Biography
Love Finds You in Miracle Kentucky Boeshaar, Andrea Large Christian Fiction
Mrs. Kennedy and Me Hill, Clint Regular Biography
Need You Now Wiseman, Beth Large Christian Fiction
Phantom Bell, Ted Regular Suspense Fiction
Raney Edgerton, Clyde Large Domestic Fiction
Rebuild the Dream Jones, Van Regular Non-Fiction
Robert B. Parker's Lullaby Atkins, Ace Regular Mystery Fiction
Sacre Bleu Moore, Christopher Regular General Fiction
Service Luttrell,  Marcus Regular Non-Fiction
Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark Bagshawe, Tilly Regular Mystery Fiction
Stolen Prey Sandford, John Regular Thriller Fiction
Sundown Zimmer, Michael Large Western Fiction
Take charge of your career Ireland, Karin. Regular Non-Fiction
Talking Back to Facebook Steyer, James Regular Non-Fiction
The American Heiress Goodwin, Daisy Regular General Fiction
The Art of Intelligence Crumpton, Henry A. Regular Biography
The Big Miss Haney, Hank Regular Biography
The Billy Bob Tapes Thornton, Billy Bob Regular Biography
The Columbus Affair Berry, Steve Regular Suspense Fiction
The Cove Rash, Ron Regular Historical Fiction
The Family Corleone Falco, Ed Regular Mystery Fiction
The Kentucky Derby Nicholson, James C. Regular Non-Fiction
The Language of Flowers Diffenbaugh, Vanessa Regular Romance Fiction
The Last Boyfriend Roberts, Nora Regular Romance Fiction
The Last Boyfriend Roberts, Nora Large Romance Fiction
The Last Man Deutermann, P.T. Regular Suspense Fiction
The Lifeboat Rogan, Charlotte Regular Psychological Fiction
The Oxford Companion to Beer Oliver, Garrett Regular Non-Fiction
The Passage of Power Caro, Robert A. Regular Biography
The Power of Habit Duhigg, Charles Regular Non-Fiction
The Proposal Balogh, Mary Regular Romance Fiction
The Reason for the Linsanity Dalrymple, Timothy Regular Biography
The Road to Grace Evans, Richard Paul Regular General Fiction
The Shoemaker's Wife Trigiani, Adriana Regular Romance Fiction
The Sins of the Father Archer, Jeffrey Large Historical Fiction
The Sins of the Father Archer, Jeffrey Regular Historical Fiction
The Storm Cussler, Clive Regular Suspense Fiction
The Strong Land L'Amour, Louis Large Western Fiction
Total Memory Makeover Henner, Marilu Regular Non-Fiction
Unnatural Acts Woods, Stuart Large Mystery Fiction
Unnatural Acts Woods, Stuart Regular Mystery Fiction
We Can All Do Better Bradley, Bill Regular Non-Fiction
What Doesn't Kill You Johansen, Iris Large Suspense Fiction
Why Nations Fail Acemoglu, Daron Regular Non-Fiction