Lumberton Public Library

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Picture Book Additions to Lumberton Public Library, July 2016-Current (1/6/2017)

Call Number Author's Name Title
PIC ALE Alexie, Sherman, Thunder Boy Jr.
PIC BAK Baker, Keith, Hap-pea all year!
PIC BEA Beaty, Andrea, Ada Twist, scientist
PIC BER Bernstrom, Daniel, One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree
PIC BUS Bush, Laura Welch, Our great big backyard
PIC CLA Clanton, Ben, It came in the mail
PIC CLA Clarkson, Kelly, River Rose and the magical lullaby
PIC CUR Curtis, Jamie Lee This is Me : a story of who we are and where we came from
PIC DIP DiPucchio, Kelly. Grace for president
PIC EAR Earhardt, Ainsley, Take heart, my child : a mother's dream
PIC FLA Flake, Sharon, You are not a cat!
PIC FLE Fleming, Candace, Giant squid
PIC KLA Klassen, Jon We found a hat
PIC LAN Lane, Nathan, Naughty Mabel sees it all
PIC LAR LaRochelle, David, This is not a cat!
PIC MOA Amerikaner, Susan, Quest for the heart
PIC NUM Numeroff, Laura Joffe, If you give a mouse a brownie
PIC ORE O'Reilly, Bill, Give please a chance
PIC ORG Orgill, Roxane, Jazz day : the making of a famous photograph
PIC PER Perkins, Lynne Rae, Frank and Lucky get schooled
PIC PET Dean, kimberly. Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes
PIC REX Rex, Adam, School's first day of school
PIC REY Reynolds, Aaron, President Squid
PIC SAN Santat, Dan, Are we there yet?
PIC SHA Shannon, David, Duck on a tractor
PIC SID Sidman, Joyce, Before morning
PIC SUP Manning, Matthew K., Superman : an origin story
PIC TON Tonatiuh, Duncan, The princess and the warrior : a tale of two volcanoes
PIC WEA Weatherford, Carole Boston, Freedom in Congo Square
PIC WEN Wenzel, Brendan, They all saw a cat
PIC WIL Willems, Mo The thank you book
PIC WIL Willems, Mo, Nanette's baguette
PIC WIN Winter, Jonah, Lillian's right to vote : a celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
PIC WON Sazaklis, John, Wonder Woman : an origin story
PIC YAM Yamada, Kobi, What do you do with a problem?
PIC YAM Yamada, Kobi, What do you do with an idea?