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Selection of Fiction and Non-Fiction Titles (Adult) for March 2013

New Titles for March 2013

Title Author Print type Category

A Texan's Choice Gray, Shelley Large Christian Fiction
A Texan's Honor Gray, Shelley Large Christian Fiction
A Texan's Promise Gray, Shelley Large Christian Fiction
A Time For War Savage, Michael Large Suspense Fiction
A Week in Winter Binchy. Maeve Large General Fiction
Activate Your Goodness Arison, Shari Regular Non-Fiction
Agenda 21 Beck, Glenn Large Suspense Fiction
Amongst the Shadows Copeland, Loree Regular Mystery Fiction
Bad Blood Stabenow, Dana Regular Mystery Fiction
Beside a Dreamswept Sea Hinze, Vicki Large Romantic Suspense
Beyond the Misty Shore Hinze, Vicki Large Romantic Suspense
Bloodfire Quest Brooks, Terry Regular Fantasy Fiction
Calculated in Death Robb, J.D. Large Mystery Fiction
Calling Me Home Kibler, Julie Large Domestic Fiction
Coolidge Shlaes, Amity Regular Biography
Crystal Cove Kleypas, Lisa Regular Romance Fiction
Damascus Countdown Rosenberg, Joel C. Regular Christian Fiction
Deadly Stakes Jance, J.A. Regular Mystery Fiction
Enemy of Mine Taylor, Brad Regular Thriller Fiction
Finding Home Greiman, Lois Large General Fiction
Follow Me Platt, David Regular Non-Fiction
Forks over Knives:The Cookbook Sroufe, Del Regular Cookbook
Going Clear Wright, Lawrence Regular Non-Fiction
Goodbye to Yesterday Brustetter, Wanda E. Regular Christian Fiction
Grow Regardless Mechlinski, Joe Regular Non-Fiction
Help thanks wow Lamott, Anne Regular Non-Fiction
Life Code McGraw, Phil Regular Non-Fiction
Lookout Hill Cotton, Ralph Large Western Fiction
Meatless Stewart, Martha  Regular Cookbook
My Beloved World Sotomayor, Sonia Regular Biography
My Share of the Task McChrystal, Stanley Regular Biography
ObamaCare Survival Guide Tate, Nick J. Regular Non-Fiction
Persued Wilhite, Jud Regular Non-Fiction
Remembering Whitney Houston, Cissy Regular Biography
Robert B. Parkers Ironhorse Parker, Robert B. Regular Western Fiction
Rush Banks, Maya Regular Erotic Romance
Shred: The Revolutionary Diet Smith, Ian K. Regular Non-Fiction
Silver Linings Playbook Quick, Matthew Regular Humerous Fiction
Summerset Abbey Brown, T. J. Large Historical Fiction
Standing in Another Man's Grave Rankin, Ian Regular Suspense Fiction
Take 2 Gibbons, Leeza Regular Non-Fiction
The Aviator's Wife Benjamin, Melanie Regular Domestic Fiction
The Breath of Dawn Heitzmann, Kristen Large Christian Fiction
The Dinner Koch, Herman Regular Domestic Fiction
The Dude and the Zen Master Bridges, Jeff Regular Non-Fiction
The End of Diabetes Fuhrman, Joel Regular Non-Fiction
The Fifth Assassin Meltzer, Brad Regular Suspense Fiction
The Future Gore, Al Regular Non-Fiction
The Guardian Lewis, Beverly Regular Christian Fiction
The Icecutter's Daughter Peterson, Tracie Large Christian Fiction
The Last Threshold Salvatore, R.A. Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Money Code Duran, Joe John Regular Non-Fiction
The Night Ranger Berenson, Alex Regular Suspense Fiction
The Plan Recitas, Lyn-Genet Regular Non-Fiction
The Power Trip Collins, Jackie Regular General Fiction
The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks Theoharis, Jeanne Regular Biography
The Striker Cussler, Clive Regular Suspense Fiction
The Striker Cussler, Clive Large Suspense Fiction
The Theoretical Minimum Susskind, Leonard Regular Non-Fiction
The Two Medicine River Wheeler, Richard S. Large Western Fiction
Touch and Go Gardner, Lisa Regular Suspense Fiction
Under the Summer Sky Copeland, Lori Large Christian Fiction
Upon a Mystic Tide Hinze, Vicki Large Romance Fiction
Vampires in the Lemon Grove Russell, Karen Regular Short Stories
Warm Bodies Marion, Isaac Regular Fantasy Fiction
When a Heart Stops Eason, Lynette Large Christian Fiction
Where Love Grows Eicher, Jerry S. Large Christian Fiction