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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-fiction, December 2019

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-fiction, December 2019
New Titles for December 2019
Title Author Print Type Category
A Christmas Gathering Perry, Anne Large Mystery Fiction
A Christmas Home Perry, Marta Large Christian Romance
A Jensen Family Christmas Johnstone, William W. Large Western Fiction
A Minute to Midnight Baldacci, David Regular Suspense Fiction
A Minute to Midnight Baldacci, David Large Suspense Fiction
A Warning Anonymous Regular Non-Fiction
An Amish Christmas Bakery Clipston, Amy Large Christian Romance
Angel Eyes Parker, Robert Large Mystery Fiction
Anxious for Nothing Lucado, Max Regular Non-Fiction
Beating About the Bush Beaton, M. C. Large Mystery Fiction
Blue Moon Child, Lee Large Suspense Fiction
Buckskin, Bloomers, and Me Boggs, Johnny D. Large Western Fiction
Christmas Shopaholic Kinsella, Sophie Large Humorous Fiction
Code of Honor Clancy, Tom Large Thriller Fiction
Contention and Other Frontier Stories Rumney, Hazel  Large Western Fiction
Criss Cross Patterson, James Regular Mystery Fiction
Diamond in the Rough Turano, Jen Large Christian Romance
Finding Chika Albom, Mitch Large Non-Fiction
Fire Sail Anthony, Piers Regular Fantasy Fiction
Genesis Cook, Robin Regular Suspense Fiction
Genesis Cook, Robin Large Suspense Fiction
Guilty Not Guilty Francis, Felix Large Mystery Fiction
Invitation only Murder Meier, Leslie Large Mystery Fiction
Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing  West, Charles Large Western Fiction
Ninth House Bardugo, Leigh Regular Paranormal Fiction
No one is too Small to Make a Difference  Thunberg, Greta Regular Non-Fiction
Noel Street Evans, Richard Paul Regular Domestic Fiction
Rosary without Beads Holguin-Balogh, Diana Large Western Fiction
Scarlet Fever Brown, Rita Mae Regular Mystery Fiction
Spy Steel, Danielle Regular Historical Fiction
Synapse James, Steven Large Christian Sci-fi
Talking to Strangers Gladwell, Malcolm Regular Non-Fiction
The Burning White Weeks, Brent Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Confession Club Berg, Elizabeth Regular Domestic Fiction
The Fifth Column Gross, Andrew Large Historical Fiction
The Giver of Stars Moyes, Jojo Large Historical Fiction
The Night Fire Connelly, Michael Large Thriller Fiction
The Painted Castle Cambron, Kristy Large Christian Fiction
The Rise of Magicks Roberts, Nora Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Rise of Magicks Roberts, Nora Large Fantasy Fiction
The Starless Sea Mogenstern, Erin Regular Fantasy Fiction
The World that We Knew Hoffman, Alice Large Historical Fiction
Triggered Trump Jr, Donald Regular Non-Fiction
True Believer Carr, Jack Large Suspense Fiction
Twisted Twenty-six Evanovich, Janet Large Mystery Fiction
Twisted Twenty-six Evanovich, Janet Regular Mystery Fiction
When Christmas Comes Kinkade, Thomas Large Christian Romance
White Christmas Wedding Winters, Celeste Large Christian Romance