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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, January 2020

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, January 2020
New Titles for January 2020
Title Author Print Type Category
A Home for Hannah Lillard, Amy Large Christian Romance
A Longer Fall Harris, Charlaine Regular Fantasy Fiction
A Precious Gift Gray, Shelley Shepard Large Christian Romance
All the Ways We Said Goodbye Williams, Beatriz Large Historical Fiction
Apache Sundown Sherman, Jory Large Western Fiction
Collateral Damage Eason, Lynette Large Christian Fiction
Criss Cross Patterson, James Large Mystery Fiction
Cut and Run Michaels, Fern Large Suspense Fiction
Death Rattle Lynch, Seam Large Western Fiction
Edison Morris, Edmund Regular Biography
Find Me Aciman, Andre Regular Romance / LGBTQ
Frontier America Johnstone, William W. Large Western Fiction
Good Girls Lie Ellison, J.T. Large Suspense Fiction
Heart of Black Ice Goodkind, Terry Regular Fantasy Fiction
Her Deadly Secrets Griffin, Laura Large Suspense Fiction
Hindsight Johansen, Iris Regular Mystery Fiction
Hindsight Johansen, Iris Large Mystery Fiction
Home Work Andrews, Julie Regular Biography
How Not to Diet Greger, Michael Regular Non-Fiction
Hunter Killer Taylor, Brad Large Suspense Fiction
I Heard You Paint Houses Brandt, Charles Regular Non-Fiction
Inside Trump's White House Wead, Doug Regular Non-Fiction
Lady Clementine Benedict, Marie Large Historical Fiction
Lake Season Hunter, Denise Large Christian Romance
Lost Patterson, James Regular Suspense Fiction
Memories of Glass Dobson, Melanie Large Christian Fiction
Moral Compass Steel, Danielle Regular Domestic Fiction
Moral Compass Steel, Danielle Large Domestic Fiction
No Fixed Line Stabenow, Dana Regular Mystery Fiction
Radical Compassion Brach, Tara Regular Non-Fiction
Regretting You Hoover, Colleen Regular Domestic Fiction
Ride into Trouble Stone, R.W. Large Western Fiction
Sam Houston & the Alamo Avengers Kilmeade, Brian Regular Non-Fiction
Scarlet Fever Brown, Rita Mae Large Mystery Fiction
Secrets of the Chocolate House Brackston, Paula Large Historical Fantasy
Small Kingdoms & Other Stories Harris, Charlaine Regular Thriller Fiction
Someone to Remember Balogh, Mary Large Historical Romance
Song of the risen God Salvatore, R. A. Regular Fantasy Fiction
Spy Steel, Danielle Large Historical Fiction
Sword of Kings Cornwell, Bernard Large Historical Fiction
The Beautiful Ones Prince Regular Biography
The Body Bryson, Bill Regular Non-Fiction
The Bright Unknown Younts, Elizabeth Byler Large Christian Fiction
The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street White, Karen Large General Fiction
The Clergyman's Wife Greeley, Molly Large Romance Fiction
The Country Guesthouse Carr, Robyn Large Romance Fiction
The Dutch House Patchett, Ann Regular Domestic Fiction
The Guardian : Derailers Cole, Tobias Large Western Fiction
The Other Windsor Girl Blalock, Georgie Large Historical Fiction
The Playground Shemily, Jane Large Domestic Fiction
The Power of Bad Tierney, John Regular Non-Fiction
The River Murders Patterson, James Regular Mystery Fiction
The River Murders Patterson, James Large Mystery Fiction
The Second Sleep Harris, Robert Large Thriller Fiction
The Shape of Night Gerritsen, Tess Large Mystery Fiction
The Vanishing Krentz, Jayne Ann Regular Romantic Suspense
The Vanishing Krentz, Jayne Ann Large Romantic Suspense
The Way I heard it Rowe, Mike Regular Non-Fiction
The Wives Fisher, Tarryn Large Thriller Fiction
Treason Woods, Stuart Large Thriller Fiction
Under Occupation Furst, Alan Large Historical Fiction
Witch's Oath Goodkind, Terry Regular Fantasy Fiction