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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction for May 2013

New Titles for May 2013

Title Author Print type Category

A Bloom in Winter Brown, T. J. Large General Fiction
Accidentally Amish Newport, Olivia Large Christian Fiction
All That Is Salter, James Regular Romance Fiction
And the Mountains Echoed Hosseini, Khaled Regular Domestic Fiction
Bandit's Trail Brand, Max Large Western Fiction
Best Kept Secret Archer, Jeffrey Large Historical Fiction
Big Daddy's Rules Schirripa, Steve Regular Non-Fiction
Breaking Point Box, C. J. Large Thriller Fiction
Carrie and Me Burnett, Carol Regular Biography
Carry on, Warrior Melton, Glennon Doyle Regular Biography
Claim Me Kenner, J. Regular Erotic Romance
Clean Junger, Alejandro Regular Non-Fiction
Clean Sheff, David Regular Non-Fiction
Control Beck, Glenn Regular Non-Fiction
Cooked Pollan, Michael Regular Non-Fiction
Dead Ever After Harris, Charlaine Regular Mystery Fiction
Decadence Dickey, Eric Jerome Regular Erotic Romance
Deeply Odd Koontz, Dean Regular Suspense Fiction
Dirty Wars Scahill, Jeremy Regular Non-Fiction
Escape From Camp 14 Harden, Blaine Regular Biography
Fever Banks, Maya Regular Erotic Romance
Fly Away Hannah, Kristin Regular General Fiction
Ghost Man Hobbs, Roger Large Mystery Fiction
Happy, Happy, Happy Robertson, Phil Regular Biography
I'll See You Again Hance, Jackie Regular Biography
Impossible Odds Buchanan, Jessica Regular Non-Fiction
Inferno Brown, Dan Regular Mystery Fiction
Is College Worth It? Bennett, William J. Regular Non-Fiction
Leaving Everything Most Loved Winspear, Jacqueline Regular Mystery Fiction
Lets Explore Diabetes With Owls Sedaris, David Regular Non-Fiction
Life After Life Atkinson, Kate Regular Suspense Fiction
Manuscript Found in Accra Coelho, Paulo Regular Religious Fiction
Maya's Notebook Allende, Isabel Regular General Fiction
Mom & Me & Mom Angelou, Maya Regular Biography
Night Moves White, Randy Wayne Large Thriller Fiction
NOS4A2 Hill, Joe Regular Horror Fiction
Orphan Train Kline, Chistina Baker Regular General Fiction
Paris Rutherfurd, Edward Regular Historical Fiction
Reconstructing Amelia McCreight, Kimberly Regular Mystery Fiction
Red Moon Percy, Benjamin Regular Suspense Fiction
Robert B. Parker's Wonderland Atkins, Ace Large Mystery Fiction
Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment Mills, Kyle Regular Suspense Fiction
Silken Prey Sandford, John Regular Mystery Fiction
Someday, Someday, Maybe Graham, Lauren Regular Romance Fiction
Stolen Palmer, Daniel Regular Suspense Fiction
Swimming to Elba Avallone, Silvia Regular General Fiction
Taking Eve Johansen, Iris Large Suspense Fiction
The Autistic Brain Grandin, Temple Regular Non-Fiction
The Beauty Detox Foods Snyder, Kimberly Regular Non-Fiction
The Black Count Reiss, Tom Regular Biography
The Blossom Sisters Michaels, Fern Large Domestic Fiction
The Burgess Boys Strout, Elizabeth Regular Domestic Fiction
The Cherry Cola Book Club Lee, Ashton Large General Fiction
The Famous and the Dead Parker, T. Jefferson Regular Mystery Fiction
The Girls of Atomic City Kiernan, Denise Regular Non-Fiction
The Great Deformation Stockman, David A. Regular Non-Fiction
The Hormone Cure Gottfried, Sara Regular Non-Fiction
The Interestings Wolitzer, Meg Regular General Fiction
The Lesson Fisher, Suzanne Woods Large Christian Fiction
The Millionaire Dropout Stanzione, Vince Regular Non-Fiction
The New Digital Age Schmidt, Eric Regular Non-Fiction
The Orchardist Coplin, Amanda Regular General Fiction
The Orphan Master's Son Johnson, Adam Regular Suspense Fiction
The Way of the Knife Mazzetti, Mark Regular Non-Fiction
The Yellow Birds Powers, Kevin Regular War Fiction
Trident K-9 Warriors Ritland, Mike Regular Biography
Unintended Consequences Woods, Stuart Regular Mystery Fiction
Valley of the Gun Cotton, Ralph Large Western Fiction
Waiting to be Heard Knox, Amanda Regular Non-Fiction
Walking Disaster McGuire, Jamie Regular Romance Fiction
Wedding Night Kinsella, Sophie Large Romance Fiction
Where'd You Go Bernadette Semple, Maria Regular Domestic Fiction
Z Fowler, Therese Anne Regular Biographical Fiction
Zero Hour Cussler, Clive Regular Suspense Fiction