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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction for September 2014

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction for September 2014
New Titles for September 2014

Title Author Print Type Category

A Change in Altitude Myers, Cindy Large General Fiction
A Love Undone Woodsmall, Cindy Large Christian Fiction
A Plain Love Song Irvin, Kelly Large Christian Romance
Above Morley, Isla Large Mystery Fiction
America D'Souza, Dinesh Regular Non-Fiction
Bleeding Texas Johnstone, William Large Western Fiction
Blood on the Water Perry, Anne Regular Mystery Fiction
Clinton, Inc. Halper, Daniel Regular Non-Fiction
Cut and Thrust Woods, Stuart Regular Political Fiction
Dark Blood Feehan, Christine Regular Paranormal Romance
Days of Rage Taylor, Brad Regular Suspense Fiction
Deserves to Die Jackson, Lisa Large Mystery Fiction
Diary of A Mad Diva Rivers, Joan Regular Biography
Elephant Company Croke, Vicki Constantine Regular Non-Fiction
Festive in Death Robb, J.D. Large Mystery Fiction
Festive in Death Robb, J.D. Regular Mystery Fiction
Fierce Patriot O'Connell, Robert L. Regular Biography
Home Fires Greiman, Lois Large Domestic Fiction
In the Kingdom of Ice Sides, Hampton Regular Non-Fiction
Lucky Us Bloom, Amy Regular Domestic Fiction
Murder 101 Kellerman, Faye Regular Mystery Fiction
One Kick Cain, Chelsea Large Suspense Fiction
Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot Coleman, Reed Farrel Large Mystery Fiction
Seeing Your Face Again Eicher, Jerry S. Large Christian Romance
Shots Fired Box, C.J. Regular Mystery Fiction
Soldier Girls Thorpe, Helen Regular Non-Fiction
Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good Karon, Jan Regular Christian Fiction
Stuck Together Connealy, Mary Large Christian Fiction
Support and Defend Clancy, Tom Regular Suspense Fiction
Taking the Lead Hough, Derek Regular Biography
The 6th Extinction Rollins, James Regular Suspense Fiction
The Book of Life Harkness, Deborah Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Eye of Heaven Cussler, Clive Regular Suspense Fiction
The Golem of Hollywood kellerman, Jonathan Regular Suspense Fiction
The Grumpy Guide to Life Grumpy Cat Regular Non-Fiction
The Imperfect Mind Strawberry, Darryl and Tracy Regular Non-Fiction
The King's Curse Gregory, Philippa Large Historical Fiction
The Magician's Land Grossman, Lev Regular Fantasy Fiction
The Nixon Defense Dean, John W. Regular Non-Fiction
The Organized Mind Levitin, Daniel J. Regular Non-Fiction
The People Hague, Harlan Regular Frontier Fiction
The Perfect Witness Johansen, Iris Regular Suspense Fiction
The River Lewis, Beverly Large Christian Fiction
The River Lewis, Beverly Regular Christian Fiction
The Story Keeper Wingate, Lisa Large Christian Fiction
The Village Effect Pinker, Susan Regular Non-Fiction
The Walking Dead Kirkman, Robert Regular Graphic Novel
Thrive Huffington, Arianna Regular Non-Fiction
Twin Rocks Overholser, Wayne Large Western Fiction
Water Walker Dekker, Ted Large Christian Fiction