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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, January 2014

New Titles For January 2014

Title Author Print Type Category

A Simple Change Miller, Judith Large Christian Fiction
Alice Close Your Eyes Dean, Averil Regular Romantic Suspense
All Things Hidden Peterson, Tracie Large Christian Fiction
Command Authority Clancy, Tom Large Military Fiction
Dark Wolf Feehan, Christine Regular Romantic Suspense
Derailed Jackson, Neta Large Christian Fiction
Dust Cornwell, Patricia Large Suspense Fiction
Easy Windows 8.1 Soper, Mark Edward. Regular Non-Fiction
Fear Nothing Gardner, Lisa Large Suspense Fiction
Foods for Health National Geographic Regular Non-Fiction
George Washington's Secret Six Kilmeade, Brian Regular Non-Fiction
Hostage Hooper, Kay Large Suspense Fiction
Innocence Koontz, Dean Large Suspense Fiction
Katie's Forever Promise Eicher, Jerry S. Large Christian Romance
Killer Poker Johnstone, J.A. Large Western Fiction
Let Me Off At the Top Burgundy, Ron Regular Non-Fiction
Love's Awakening Frantz, Laura Large Christian Romance
Miracles and Massacres Beck, Glenn Regular Non-Fiction
Morning Glory Jio, Sarah Large Mystery Fiction
Mrs. Lincoln's Rival Chiaverini, Jennifer Regular Historical Fiction
No Man's Nightingale Rendell, Ruth Large Mystery Fiction
Radiance of Tomorrow Beah, Ishmael Large General Fiction
Red 1-2-3 Katzenbach, John Regular Suspense Fiction
River Road Krentz, Jayne Ann Regular Mystery Fiction
Savage Desert Patten, Lewis B.  Large Western Fiction
Standup Guy Woods, Stuart Large Suspense Fiction
The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion Flagg, Fannie Regular Domestic Fiction
The Daughters of Mars Keneally, Thomas Large General Fiction
The Death Trade Higgins, Jack Large Suspense Fiction
The First Phone Call From Heaven Albom, Mitch Regular Psychological Fiction
The House Girl Conklin, Tara Regular General Fiction
The Invention of Wings Kidd, Sue Monk Regular Biographical Fiction
The Invention of Wings Kidd, Sue Monk Large Biographical Fiction
The Meaning of Marriage Keller, Timothy Regular Non-Fiction
The Secret History Tartt, Donna Regular Psychological Fiction
The Supreme Macaroni Company Trigiani, Adriana Regular Domestic Fiction
The Way of All Fish Grimes, Martha Regular Suspense Fiction
The Wedding Gift Bodden, Marlen Suyapa Large General Fiction
Time For Me to Come Home Shackleford, Dorothy Large Domestic Fiction
Unlikely Loves Holland, Jennifer S. Regular Non-Fiction
When Will the Heaven Begin? Breedlove, Ally Regular Biography
White Fire Preston, Douglas Regular Mystery Fiction
Windows 8.1 step by step Rusen, Ciprian Adrian. Regular Non-Fiction
Worthy Brown's Daughter Margolin, Phillip Regular Suspense Fiction