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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, January 2015

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, January 2015
New Titles for January 2015

Title Author Print Type Category

41: A Portrait of My Father Bush, George W. Regular Biography
A Brief History of Seven Killings James, Marlon Regular Historical Fiction
A Dancer in the Dust Cook, Thomas H. Large Mystery Fiction
A Feather for a Fan Stover, Karla Regular Frontier Fiction
A Life Intercepted Martin, Charles Large Christian Fiction
An Untamed State Gay, Roxane Regular Suspense Fiction
Bad Wolf Neuhaus, Nele Regular Mystery Fiction
Black Mike Overholser, Wayne D. Large Western Fiction
Blackberry Pie Murder Fluke, Joanne Regular Mystery Fiction
Captivated by You Day, Sylvia Regular Erotic Romance
Cold Cold Heart Hoag, Tami Regular Mystery Fiction
Empire of Sin Krist, Gary Regular Non-Fiction
Deep Down Dark Tobar, Hector Regular Non-Fiction
Dept. of Speculation Offill, Jenny Regular Domestic  Fiction
Die Again Gerritsen, Tess Regular Mystery Fiction
Edge of Eternity Follett, Ken Regular Historical Fiction
Edge of Eternity Follett, Ken Large Historical Fiction
Fall of Giants Follett, Ken Large Historical Fiction
Farewell to Cedar Key Dulong, Terri Large Domestic  Fiction
Haunted White, Randy Wayne Large Mystery Fiction
Hush Robards, Karen Regular Romantic Suspense
Inferno Johnstone, J.A. Large Western Fiction
Insatiable Appetites Woods, Stuart Large Mystery Fiction
Into a Raging Blaze Norman, Andreas Regular Spy Stories
Let Me Be Frank With You Ford, Richard Regular Psychological Fiction
Napoleon Roberts, Andrew Regular Biography
No Fortunate Son Taylor, Brad Large Suspense Fiction
No Hero Owen, Mark Regular Biography
Passing Strangers Hunt, Angela Large Christian Fiction
Private Vegas Patterson, James Regular Mystery Fiction
Rain on the Dead Higgins, Jack Regular Suspense Fiction
Redeployment Klay, Phil Regular War Stories
Saint Odd Koontz, Dean Large Suspense Fiction
Saint Odd Koontz, Dean Regular Suspense Fiction
Small Victories Lamott, Anne Regular Non-Fiction
So, Anyway Cleese, John Regular Biography
Some Luck Smiley, Jane Regular Domestic  Fiction
Station Eleven Mandel, Emily St, John Regular Science Fiction
Steadfast Heart Peterson, Tracie Large Christian Romance
Still Alice Genova, Lisa Regular Domestic  Fiction
Stonewalled Attkisson, Sharyl Regular Non-Fiction
The Assassination Option Griffin, W.E.B. Regular Suspense Fiction
The Heist Silva, Daniel Regular Suspense Fiction
The Homesman Swarthout, Glendon Regular Western Fiction
The Laughing Monsters Johnson, Denis Regular Political Fiction
The Stronghold Schaller, Thomas F. Regular Non-Fiction
The Walking Dead Vol. 22 Kirkman, Robert Regular Graphic Novel
The Witch with No Name Harrison, Kim Regular Fantasy Fiction
True Love Lopez, Jennifer Regular Biography
Trust No One Krentz, Jayne Ann Regular Romantic Suspense
Us Nicholls, David Regular Domestic  Fiction
Winter of the World Follett, Ken Large Historical Fiction
Wonderful Lonesome Newport, Olivia Large Christian Romance
You Can't Make this Up Michaels, Al Regular Biography