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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction June 2013

New Titles for June 2013

Title Author Print type Category

A Chain of Thunder Shaara, Jeff Regular Historical Fiction
A Delicate Truth Lecarre, John Regular Political Fiction
A Step of Faith Evans, Richard Paul Regular General Fiction
Always Watching Stevens, Chevy Large Psychological Fiction
And the Mountains Echoed Hosseini, Khaled Large Domestic Fiction
Bad Monkey Hiaasen, Carl Regular Suspense Fiction
Bunker Hill Philbrick, Nathaniel Regular Non-Fiction
City of Women Gillham, David R. Regular Historical Fiction
Dad is Fat Gaffigan, Jim Regular Non-Fiction
Earth Afire Card, Orson Scott Regular Science Fiction
Eleven Rings Jackson, Phil Regular Biography
Entwined with You Day, Sylvia Regular Erotic Romance
Gettysburg Guelzo, Allen C. Regular Non-Fiction
Guns in Wyoming Paine, Lauran Large Western Fiction
Hard Ride to Hell Johnstone, William W. Large Western Fiction
Home Run Thrasher, Travis Large Christian Fiction
Keep it Pithy O'Reilly, Bill Regular Non-Fiction
Ladies' Night Andrews, Mary Kay Large Psychological Fiction
Love Comes to Paradise Ellis, Mary Large Christian Fiction
Margaret Thatcher Moore, Charles Regular Biography
Mastery Greene, Robert Regular Non-Fiction
Revenge Wears Prada Weisberger, Lauren Large General Fiction
Rumsfeld's Rules Rumsfeld, Donald Regular Biography
Second Honeymoon Patterson, James Regular Suspense Fiction
Seduction Rose, M.J. Large Mystery Fiction
Silken Prey Sandford, John Large Mystery Fiction
Sisters of Mercy Flats Copeland, Lori Large Christian Fiction
Storm Front Castle, Richard Regular Mystery Fiction
Sweet Salt Air Delinsky, Barbara Regular Romance Fiction
The 9th Girl Hoag, Tami Regular Psychological Fiction
The Art Forger Shapiro, B.A. Regular Mystery Fiction
The Athena Doctrine Gerzema, John Regular Non-Fiction
The Bookman's Tale Lovett, Charlie Regular Suspense Fiction
The Guns at Last Light Atkinson, Rick Regular Non-Fiction
The Heist Evanovich, Janet Regular Suspense Fiction
The Kill Room Deaver, Jeffery Regular Mystery Fiction
The King's Deception Berry, Steve Regular Political Fiction
The Perfect Ghost Barnes, Linda Large Mystery Fiction
The Quarryman's Bride Peterson, Tracie Large Christian Fiction
The Real North Korea Lankov, Andrei Regular Non-Fiction
The Redeemer Nesbo, Jo Regular Mystery Fiction
The Silver Star Walls, Jeannette Large General Fiction
The Son Meyer, Philipp Regular Western Fiction
The Unwinding Packer, George Regular Non-Fiction
The Way Home Kinkade, Thomas Large Christian Fiction
To Honor and Trust Peterson, Tracie Large Christian Fiction
Trains and Lovers Smith, Alexander McCall Regular Humorous Fiction
Unwritten Martin, Charles Large Christian Fiction
Waking up in Heaven McVea, Crystal Regular Non-Fiction
Zero Hour Cussler, Clive Large Suspense Fiction