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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, May 2024

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, May 2024
New titles for May 2024
Title Author Print Type
A Calamity of Souls Baldacci, David Large
A Calamity of Souls Baldacci, David Regular
A Rambling Man Vaughan, Robert Large
A Short Walk Through a Wide World Westerbeke, Douglas Large
All My Secrets Austin, Lynn Large
Cade at the Walls Vaughan, Robert Large
Cape Rage Corbett, Ron Large
Circle in the Water Muller, Marcia Large
Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands Fawcett, Heather Regular
Everyone on This Train is a Suspect Stevenson, Benjamin Regular
Familia Rico, Lauren E. Large
Forget Me Never Albert, Susan Wittig Large
Hello Beautiful Napolitano, Ann Regular
If The Boot Fits Witemeyer, Karen Large
Killers Never Sleep Johnstone, William W. Large
Last Seen in Havana Dovalpage, Teresa Large
Letters From My Sister Luesse, Valerie Fraser Large
Losing Spring Andrews, V.C. Large
Massacre Canyon Dundee, Wayne D. Large
Mind Games Roberts, Nora Regular
Never Fall Again Blackburn, Lynn H. Large
Of Love and Treason Ogle, Jamie Large
Only the Brave Steel, Danielle Regular
Pirates of Colonial Newport Merchant, Gloria Regular
Plant-powered Kitchen Levitt, Amanda Regular
Preacher's Bloody Rampage Johnstone, William W. Large
Sandcastle Inn Hannon, Irene Large
Speculations in Sin Ashley, Jennifer Large
The 21-Day Revival Levitt, Joshua Regular
The Ark and the Dove Smith, Jill Eileen Large
The Book That Broke The World Lawrence, Mark Regular
The Frozen River Lawhon, Ariel Regular
The Heist Cussler, Clive Large
The Kamogawa Food Detectives Kashiwai, Hisashi Large
The Murder Inn Patterson, James Large
The Murder Inn Patterson, James Regular
The Museum of Lost Quilts Chiaverini, Jennifer Regular
The Philadelphia Heiress Abriel, Anita Large
This Summer Will Be Different Fortune, Carley Large
Toxic Prey Sandford, John Large
Until Then Woodsmall, Cindy Large
Up-Island Harbor Stone, Jean Large
Village in the Dark Yamashita, Iris Large
Waving Goodbye Kozak, Warren Regular
We've Got Issues McGraw, Phillip C. Regular
Where the Dead Wait Wilkes, Ally Large
Windsong Manor Wright, Julie Large
Witches, Wenches and Wild Women of Rhode Island Reilly-McGreen, M.E. Regular
You Like it Darker King, Stephen Regular