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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction Titles for April 2013

New Titles for April 2013

Title Author Print type Category

12th of Never Patterson, James Regular Mystery Fiction
A Deeper Love Inside Souljah, Sister Regular Domestic Fiction
A Heart Made New Irvin, Kelly Large Christian fiction
A Place to Belong Snelling, Lauraine Regular Christian fiction
A Place to Belong Snelling, Lauraine Large Christian fiction
A Story of God and All of Us Downey, Roma Regular Christian fiction
Ambush Creek Dunlap, Phil Large Western Fiction
America the Beautiful Carson, Ben Regular Non-Fiction
Bad Blood Stabenow, Dana Large Mystery Fiction
Beating Obamacare McCaughey, Betsy Regular Non-Fiction
Bloodfire Quest Brooks, Terry Regular Fantasy fiction
Breaking Point Box, C. J. Regular Mystery Fiction
C.S. Lewis McGrath, Alister Regular Biography
Daddy's Gone A Hunting Clark, Mary Higgins Regular Mystery Fiction
Daddy's Gone A Hunting Clark, Mary Higgins Large Mystery Fiction
Don't Go Scottoline, Lisa Regular Suspense Fiction
Don't Go Scottoline, Lisa Large Suspense Fiction
Drinking and Tweeting Glanville, Brandi Regular Biography
Dust and Glory Zimmer, Michael Large Western Fiction
Family Pictures Green, Jane Large Domestic Fiction
Firsthand Shook, Ryan and Josh Regular Non-Fiction
From Mama's Table to Mine Deen, Bobby Regular Non-Fiction
Frost Burned Briggs, Patricia Regular Fantasy fiction
Ipad all in one Muir, Nancy Regular Non-Fiction
Lean In Sandberg, Sheryl Regular Non-Fiction
Midnight at Marble Arch Perry, Anne Regular Mystery Fiction
Monumental Money Arkin, Yigal Regular Non-Fiction
My One Square Inch of Alaska Short, Sharon Large General Fiction
Night Moves White, Randy Wayne Regular Suspense Fiction
No Way Back Gross, Andrew Regular Suspense Fiction
Plant breeding for the Home Gardener Tychonievich, Joseph Regular Non-Fiction
Point Your Face At This martin, Demetri Regular Non-Fiction
Real Common Sense Kahn, Brian Regular Non-Fiction
Red Velvet Cupcake Murder Fluke, Joanne Regular Mystery Fiction
Saga Vaughn, Brian K. Regular Graphic Novel
Salt Sugar Fat Moss, Michael Regular Non-Fiction
Seashell Prisoners Collins, Frances Regular Biography
Secrets from the Past Bradford, Barbara Taylor Regular Domestic Fiction
Six Years Coben, Harlan Regular Mystery Fiction
Six Years Coben, Harlan Large Mystery Fiction
Sleight of Hand Margolin, Phillip Regular Suspense Fiction
Snow White Must Die Neuhaus, Nele Large Thriller Fiction
Starting Now Macomber, Debbie Regular General Fiction
Sum it Up Summitt, Pat Large Biography
Sum it Up Summitt, Pat Regular Biography
Taking Eve Johansen, Iris Regular Suspense Fiction
Tapestry of Fortunes Berg, Elizabeth Regular General Fiction
The Accursed Oates, Joyce Carol Regular Paranormal fiction
The Apple Orchard Wiggs, Susan Regular General Fiction
The Chance Kingsbury, Karen Regular Christian fiction
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes book 1 Watterson, Bill Regular Humor
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes book 2 Watterson, Bill Regular Humor
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes book 3 Watterson, Bill Regular Humor
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes book 4 Watterson, Bill Regular Humor
The Dance of the Seagull Camilleri, Andrea Regular Mystery Fiction
The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution Heller, Marla Regular Non-Fiction
The Expats Pavone, Chris Regular Suspense Fiction
The FastDiet Mosley, Michael Regular Non-Fiction
The Gate Thief Card, Orson Scott Regular Fantasy fiction
The Guardian Lewis, Beverly Large Christian fiction
the Hit Baldacci, David Regular Suspense Fiction
The Honest Life Alba, Jessica Regular Non-Fiction
The House That Love Built Wiseman, Beth Large Christian fiction
The Melt Method Hitzmann, Sue Regular Non-Fiction
The Mystery Woman Quick, Amanda Regular Romantic Suspense
The Secrets of Happy Families Feiler, Bruce Regular Non-Fiction
The Sharp Solution Hanna, Heidi Regular Non-Fiction
The Storyteller Picoult, Jodi Regular Psychological Fiction
The Vatican Diaries Thavis, John Regular Non-Fiction
The View From Here Myers, Cindy Large General Fiction
The Winnowing Season Woodsmall, Cindy Large Christian fiction
Three Sisters Mallery, Susan Regular Domestic Fiction
Until I Say Good-bye Spencer-Wendel, Susan Regular Biography
Whiskey Beach Roberts, Nora Regular Romantic Suspense