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Selection of New Fiction and Non-Fiction Titkes (Adult) for November 2012

New title for November 2012

Title Author Print type Category

A Winter Dream Evans, Richard Paul Large Christian Fiction
American Patriots Santorum, Rick Regular Non-fiction
Argo Mendez, Antonio Regular Non-fiction
Blackberry Winter Jio, Sarah Large Psychological Fiction
Cold Days Butcher, Jim Regular Fantasy Fiction
Cross Roads Young, William Paul Regular Christian Fiction
Dogs of the Captain Brand, Max Large Western Fiction
Flight Behavior Kingsolver, Barbara Regular Suspense Fiction
Following Your Heart Eicher, Jerry S. Large Christian Fiction
Fox Tracks Brown, Rita Mae Regular Mystery Fiction
God Loves You Jeremiah, Dr. David Regular Non-fiction
Iron Curtain Applebaum, Anne Regular Non-fiction
Killing Kennedy O-reilly, Bill Regular Non-fiction
Last To Die Gerritsen, Tess Large Thriller Fiction
Live by Night Lehane, Dennis Regular Historical Fiction
Mad River Sandford, John Large Thriller Fiction
Medicine Road Henry, Will Large Western Fiction
Merry Christmas, Alex Cross Patterson, James Regular Mystery Fiction
Mugged Coulter, Ann Regular Non-fiction
Notorious Nineteen Evanovich, Janet Regular Mystery Fiction
People Who Eat Darkness Parry, Richard Lloyd Regular Non-fiction
Phantom Nesbo, Jo Regular Mystery Fiction
Plutocrats Freeland, Chrystia Regular Non-fiction
Poseidon's Arrow Cussler, Clive Regular Suspense Fiction
Proof Of Heaven Alexander, Eben Regular Non-fiction
Sleep No More Johansen, Iris Large Suspense Fiction
Something Old, Something New Jenkins, Beverly Large Domestic Fiction
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Maxwell, John C. Regular Non-fiction
The Barbarous Years Bailyn, Bernard Regular Non-fiction
The Best American Essays Brooks, David Regular Non-fiction
The Best American Short Stories Perrotta, Tom Regular Non-fiction
The Bone Bed Cornwell, Patricia Large Mystery Fiction
The Devil in Silver Lavalle, Victor Regular Psychological Fiction
The End of Your Life Book Club Schwalbe, Will Regular Biography 
The Finish Bowden, Mark Regular Non-fiction
The Forgotten Baldacci, David Regular Suspense Fiction
The Founders of Finance McCraw, Thomas K. Regular Non-fiction
The Haven Fisher, Suzanne Woods  Large Christian Fiction
The Last Man Flynn, Vince Regular Suspense Fiction
The Panther DeMille, Nelson Regular Suspense Fiction
The Perfect Hope Roberts, Nora Large Romance Fiction
The Prodigal Son McCullough Regular Mystery Fiction
The Saint Who would Be Santa Claus English, Adam C. Regular Biography 
The Secret Keeper Morton, Kate Regular Mystery Fiction
The Signal and the Noise Silver, Nate Regular Non-fiction
The Silenced Majority Goodman, Amy Regular Non-fiction
The Twelve Cronin, Justin Regular Science Fiction
Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power Meacham, Jon Regular Non-fiction