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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, July 2021

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, July 2021
New Titles for July 2021
Title Author Print Type Category
A Gilded Lady Camden, Elizabeth Large Christian Romantic Suspense
Aftermath Blackstock, Terri Large Christian Thriller
Black ice Thor, Brad Large Thriller Fiction
Blush Brenner, Jamie Large Domestic Fiction
Bone Rattle  Cameron, Marc Large Suspense Fiction
Bullet for a Stranger Johnstone, William W. Large Western Fiction
Calvert's Last Bluff Compton, Ralph Large Western Fiction
Choose Me Gerritsen, Tess Large Mystery Fiction
Choose Me Gerritsen, Tess Regular Mystery Fiction
Daughter of Cana Hunt, Angela Large Christian Fiction
Golden Girl Hilderbrand, Elin Large Psychological Fiction
Golden Girl Hilderbrand, Elin Regular Psychological Fiction
Great Lonesome Nesbitt, John D. Large Western Fiction
Hour of the Witch Bohjalian, Chris Large Thriller Fiction
Like Flames in the Night Cossette, Connilyn Large Christian Fiction
Lioness Britton, Barbara M. Large Christian Fiction
Liquids Till Lunch Ghiyam, Maryruth Regular Non-Fiction
Murder at Sunrise Lake Feehan, Christine Regular Romantic Suspense Fiction
No Ordinary Dog Chesney, Will Regular Non-Fiction
Our Woman in Moscow Williams, Beatriz Large Thriller Fiction
Out of Hounds Brown, Rita Mae Large Mystery Fiction
Outsider Castillo, Linda Large Mystery Fiction
Return to the Big Valley Brunstetter, Wanda E. Large Christian Romance
Someone to Cherish Balogh, Mary Large Romance Fiction
Survive the Night Sager, Riley Large Psychological Fiction
Sustaining Faith Oke, Janette Regular Christian Fiction
That Summer Weiner, Jennifer Large Domestic Fiction
The Act of Sewing Philip, Sonya Regular Non-Fiction
The Art of Eric Carle Regular Biography
The Bullet Johansen, Iris Large Thriller Fiction
The Bullet Johansen, Iris Regular Thriller Fiction
The Four Winds Hannah, Kristin Regular Historical Fiction
The Ghost Rifle McCoy, Max Large Western Fiction
The Guncle Rowley, Steven Large General / LGBTQ+
The Hunting Wives Cobb, May Large Psychological Fiction
The Jam and Jelly Nook Clipston, Amy Large Christian Romance
The Letter Keeper Martin, Charles Large Christian Fiction
The Other Black Girl Harris, Zakiy Dalila Large Suspense Fiction
The Other Family Nyhan, Loretta Large Domestic Fiction
The Pecan Springs Enterprise Trilogy Albert, Susan Wittig Large Mystery Fiction
The Plot Korelitz, Jean Hanff Large Psychological Fiction
The President's Daughter Patterson, James Large Suspense Fiction
The President's Daughter Patterson, James Regular Suspense Fiction
The Ranger Griffin, James J. Large Western Fiction
The Seeds of Change Snelling, Lauraine Regular Christian Fiction
The Summer Seekers Morgan, Sarah Large Humorous Fiction
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder Fluke, Joanne Large Mystery Fiction
What Happened to You? Perry, Bruce D. Regular Non-Fiction