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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, March 2022

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, March 2022
New Titles for March 2022
Title Author Print Type
A Flicker in the Dark Willingham, Stacy Large
A Game of Fear Todd, Charles Large
A Little Closer to Home Zee, Ginger Regular
Abandoned by Death Robb, J.D. Large
Along the Rio Grande Peterson, Tracie Large
An Invincible Summer Stewart, Mariah Large
Apparently There Were Complaints Gless, Sharon Regular
Black Cake Wilkerson, Charmaine Regular
Black Ops Prado, Ric Large
Blood and Bullets Johnstone, William W. Large
Breach of Honor Cantore, Janice Regular
Bullet For a Ranger Griffin, James J. Large
Bye Bye Baby Parker, Robert B. Large
Calder Grit Dailey, Janet Large
Caramel Pecan Roll Murder Fluke, Joanne Large
City of the Dead Kellerman, Jonathan Large
Coach K O'Connor, Ian Regular
Crazy Like a Fox Metz, Melinda Large
Death & Texas Johnstone, William W. Large
Diablo Mesa Preston, Douglas Large
Didn't We Almost Have it All Kennedy, Gerrick Regular
Drawn By the Current Green, Jocelyn Large
Enough Already Bertinelli, Valerie Regular
Finding Wings Raney, Deborah Large
For Such a Time As This McEnany, Kayleigh Regular
Forever Young Mills, Hayley Regular
Freedom's Song Sawyer, Kim Vogel Large
French Braid Tyler, Anne Regular
Gwendy's Final Task King, Stephen Regular
Her Hidden Genius Benedict, Marie Large
High Stakes Steel, Danielle Regular
House of Gucci Forden, Sara Gay Regular
Ice and Stone Muller, Marcia Large
In the Margins Ferrante, Elena Large
Invisible Steel, Danielle Large
Led Zeppelin : The Biography Spitz, Bob Regular
Lightning in a Mirror Krentz, Jayne Ann Large
Mantle : The Best There Ever Was Castro, Tony Regular
Mercy Street Haigh, Jennifer Large
Nothing to Lose Jance, J.A. Large
Olga Dies Dreaming Gonzalez, Xochitl Large
One Italian Summer Serle, Rebecca Large
One Step Too Far Gardner, Lisa Large
Phantom Game Feehan, Christine Regular
Quicksilver Koontz, Dean Large
Run Rose Run Patterson, James Regular
Run Rose Run Patterson, James Large
Seasonal Work Lippman, Laura Large
Seven Roads to Revenge Compton, Ralph Large
Shadows Reel Box, C.J. Large
Steal Patterson, James Large
The Accomplice Lutz, Lisa Large
The Atlas Six Blake, Olivie Large
The Berlin Exchange Kanon, Joseph Large
The Bombay Prince Massey, Sujata Large
The Christie Affair Gramont, Nina De Large
The Coldest Case walker, Martin Large
The Darkest Place Margolin, Phillip Regular
The Finder of Forgotten Things Thomas, Sarah Loudin Large
The Golden Couple Hendricks, Greer Large
The Good Son Mitchard, Jacquelyn Large
The Lady's Mine Rivers, Francine Large
The Last Comanche Warrior Crownover, James D. Large
The Legendary Harry Caray Zminda, Don Regular
The Lightning Rod Meltzer, Brad Large
The Living and the Lost Feldman, Ellen Large
The Midnight Library Haig, Matt Regular
The Mitford Vanishing Fellowes, Jessica Large
The Recovery Agent Evanovich, Janet Regular
The Sanatorium Pearse, Sarah Regular
The School for Good Mothers Chan, Jessamine Regular
The Sugarcreek Surprise Brunstetter, Wanda E. Large
The Summer Getaway Mallery, Susan Large
This Might Hurt Wrobel, Stephanie Large
Threads of Hope Gould, Leslie Large
Twilight at Morrington Cross Wilson, Abigail Large
Unfinished Chopra Jonas, Priyanka Regular
Violeta Allende, Isabel Large
With Love From London Jio, Sarah Large