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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, March 2023

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, March 2023
New Titles for March 2023
Title Author Print Type
A Killing of Innocents Crombie, Deborah Large
A Match in the Making Turano, Jen Large
Authentically, Izzy Basham, Pepper Large
Black Candle Women Brown, Diane Marie Large
Bone Canyon Goldberg, Lee Large
Countdown Patterson, James Regular
Critical Threat Eason, Lynette Large
Death of a Traitor Beaton, M.C. Large
Desperate Ride Griffin, James J. Large
Dismal River Dundee, Wayne D. Large
Dying of Politeness Davis, Geena Regular
Earth's the Right Place for Love Berg, Elizabeth Regular
Engaging Deception Jennings, Regina Large
Fields of Bounty Snelling, Lauraine Regular
Forged in Love Connealy, Mary Large
Forget What You Know Dodd, Christina Large
Fort Misery Johnstone, William W.  Large
Hands Down Francis, Felix Large
Heirlooms Byrd, Sandra Large
In a House of lies Rankin, Ian Large
It's One of Us Ellison, J.T. Large
Justice Warrior Davis, Rusty Large
Kokopelli's Song Bratcher, Suzanne J. Large
Life on the Mississippi Buck, Rinker Regular NF
Live and Let Grind Lush, Tara Large
Loyalty Scottoline, Lisa Regular
Madly, Deeply Rickman, Alan Regular
Murder at Black Oaks Margolin, Phillip Large
Never Never Hoover, Colleen Large
Piece by Piece Bradford, Laura Large
Potiphar's Wife Andrews, Mesu Large
Riding the Nightmare Johnstone, William W. Large
Signal Fires Shapiro, Dani Large
Snake Oil Justice Compton, Ralph Large
Someone else's Shoes Moyes, Jojo Large
Son of Man Martin, Charles Large
Spare Sussex, Prince Harry Regular
The Angel Maker North, Alex Large
The Bachelor and the Bride Eden, Sarah M. Large
The Bookshop of Secrets Rushmeyer, Mollie Large
The Brighter the Light Taylor, Mary Ellen Large
The Bullet Garden Hunter, Stephen Large
The Call of the Wrens Walsh, Jenni L. Large
The Cliff's edge Todd, Charles Large
The Crane Husband Barnhill, Kelly Large
The Drift Tudor, C.J.  Large
The Florence Legacy Snelling, Lauraine Large
The Golden Spoon Maxwell, Jessa Large
The Mitford Secret Fellowes, Jessica Large
The Night Travelers Correa, Armando Lucas Large
The Promise of Easter Perry, Marta Large
The Revolutionary Samuel Adams Schiff, Stacy Regular Bio
The Sister Effect Mallery, Susan Large
The Sisters of Sea View Klassen, Julie Large
The World Played Chess Dugoni, Robert Large
Unnatural History Kellerman, Jonathan Large
Westbound Richards, Dusty Large
Weyward Hart, Emilia  Large
Wicked Dreams Jackson, Lisa Large
Worthy Opponents Steel, Danielle Regular