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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, May 2023

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, May 2023
New Titles for May 2023
Title Author Print Type
A Calder at Heart Dailey, Janet Large
A Novel Proposal Hunter, Denise Large
After the Shadows Cabot, Amanda Large
All That is Mine I Carry With Me Landay, William Large
All That We Are Stewart, Mariah Large
Blue Moon Haven Dailey, Janet Large
Courtiers Low, Valentine Regular NF
Don't Open the Door Brennan, Allison Large
Earth's the Right Place For Love Berg, Elizabeth Large
Ghostly Game Feehan, Christine Regular
Shell Beach Bunn, T. Davis  Regular
Go As a River Read, Shelley Large
Guinness World Records 2023 Guinness Regular NF
Happy Place Henry, Emily Large
Her Deadly Game Dugoni, Robert Large
Homecoming Morton, Kate Large
Honor's Refuge Bridgeman, Hallee Large
In Farm's Way Flower, Amanda Large
Irish Coffee Murder Meier, Leslie Large
Irish Knit Murder Ehrhart, Peggy Large
It's ok To Be Angry About Capitalism Sanders, Bernie Regular NF
Letters of Trust Brunstetter, Wanda E. Large
Looking for Jane Marshall, Heather Large
Miss Newbury's List Walker, Megan Large
My Heart Will Find You Deveraux, Jude Large
On the Line Michaels, Fern Large
Only the Beautiful Meissner, Susan Large
Rainrock Reckoning Dundee, Wayne D. Large
Second Time Around Carlson, Melody Large
Simply Lies Baldacci, David Large
Small Mercies Lehane, Dennis Large
Stagecoach Revenge Compton, Ralph Large
Texarkana Johnstone, William W. Large
The Bride Wore White Quick, Amanda Large
The Courage to Be Free DeSantis, Ron Regular NF
The Exceptions Zernike, Kate Regular NF
The Fourth Enemy Perry, Anne  Large
The Half Moon Keane. Mary Beth Large
The House in the Pines Reyes, Ana Regular
The House of Wolves Patterson, James Large
The Last Heir to Blackwood Library Fox, Hester Large
The Myth of Normal Mate, Gabor Regular NF
The Only Survivors Miranda, Megan Large
The Revengers McCauley, Terrence Large
The Rose and the Thistle Frantz, Laura Large
The Soulmate Hepworth, Sally Large
The Treadstone Rendition Ludlum, Robert Large
The Watchmaker's Daughter Loftis, Larry Regular Bio
The Way of the Bear Hillerman, Anne Large
The White Lady Winspear, Jacqueline Large
The Wintering Place McCarthy, Kevin  Large
Things I Wish I Told My Mother Patterson, Susan Large
Two Wars and a Wedding Willig, Lauren Large
Walk the Blue Line Patterson, James Regular NF
What Happens Next Nelson, Christina Suzann Large
Where Are the Children Now? Clark, Mary Higgins Regular
Where Are the Children Now? Clark, Mary Higgins Large
Where Coyotes Howl Dallas, Sandra Large
Windswept Way Hannon, Irene Large