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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, November 2022

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, November 2022
New Titles for November 2022
Title Author Print Type
A Christmas Deliverance Perry, Anne Regular
A Forever Home Rains, Annie Large
A Truth to Lie For Perry, Anne Large
Beyond the Wand Felton, Tom Regular
Body of Evidence Hannon, Irene Regular
By Way of Deception Tsarfati, Amir Large
Changing Flags Herbeck, Jr.  Ray Large
Christmas on Reindeer Road Mason, Debbie Large
Circle of Vengeance Richards, Ramona Regular
Concrete Evidence Mills, DiAnn Regular
Critical Alliance Goddard, Elizabeth Large
Critical Alliance Goddard, Elizabeth Regular
Dawnlands Gregory, Philippa Large
Desert Star Connelly, Michael Regular
Distant Thunder Woods, Stuart Large
Falling Stars Michaels, Fern Large
Fallout Parks, Carrie Stuart Regular
Forever Texas Johnstone, William W. Large
Girl, Forgotten Slaughter, Karin Large
Going Rogue Evanovich, Janet Regular
Hearts of Briarwall Jensen, Krista Large
Home Sweet Christmas Mallery, Susan Large
Hunting Time Deaver, Jeffery Regular
In the Middle of Hickory Lane Webber, Heather Large
Killing the Legends O'Reilly, Bill Large
Live Wire Ripa, Kelly Regular
Livid Cornwell, Patricia Regular
Livid Cornwell, Patricia Large
Long Shadows Baldacci, David Large
Lucy by the Sea Strout, Elizabeth Large
Mad Honey Picoult, Jodi Large
Mean and Evil Johnstone, William W. Large
Mean Baby Blair, Selma Regular
Murder at Black Oaks Margolin, Phillip Regular
Oath of Loyalty Flynn, Vince Large
Our Missing Hearts Ng, Celeste Regular
Other Birds Allen, Sarah Addison Large
Queen of our Times Hardman, Robert Large
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six Unger, Lisa Large
Shrines of Gaiety Atkinson, Kate Large
Targeted Eason, Lynette Regular
The Atlas Paradox Blake, Olivie Large
The Best Friend Fellowes, Jessica Large
The Boys from Biloxi Grisham, John Large
The Christmas Spirit Macomber, Debbie Large
The Deadly Shallows Pettrey, Dani Regular
The Guns of C.C. Ellis Cotton, Ralph Large
The Ink Black Heart Galbraith, Robert Regular
The Maze DeMille, Nelson Large
The Perfect Assassin Patterson, James Regular
The Prisoner Paris, B.A. Regular
The Prisoner Paris, B.A. Large
The Sea Wolves Cussler, Clive Regular
The Secrets of Bow Lane Ashley, Jennifer Large
The Serpent in Heaven Harris, Charlaine Regular
The Vanishing at Loxby Manor Wilson, Abigail Large
The Whittiers Steel, Danielle Regular
The Winners Backman, Fredrik Large
Treasure State Box, C.J. Large
Triple Cross Patterson, James Large
Triple Cross Patterson, James Regular
Trouble Times Two Griffin, James J. Large
Under the Starry Skies Peterson, Tracie Large