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Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, September 2020

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, September 2020
New Titles for September 2020
Title Author Print Type Category
1st Case Patterson, James Large Suspense Fiction
A Blessing to Cherish Snelling, Lauraine Regular Christian Fiction
A Family for Gracie Lillard, Amy Large Christian Romance
A Pack of Predators Soper, S.I. Large Western Fiction
A Private Cathedral Burke, James Lee Large Mystery Fiction
A Single Spark Miller, Judith Large Christian Romance
A Question of Betrayal Perry, Anne Regular Mystery Fiction
A Question of Betrayal Perry, Anne Large Mystery Fiction
All the Devils Are Here Penny, Louise Large Mystery Fiction
Anxious People Backman, Fredrik Large Psychological Fiction
Bitter Alpine Daheim, Mary Large Mystery Fiction
Cajun Justice Patterson, James Large Thriller Fiction
Call of the Raven Smith, Wilbur Regular Adventure Fiction
Chaos Johansen, Iris Regular Suspense Fiction
Children of the Stars Escobar, Mario Large Christian Fiction
Dark Song Feehan, Christine Regular Fantasy Fiction
Deadly Anniversaries Muller, Marcia Large Mystery Fiction
Fool's Paradise Parker, Robert B. Large Mystery Fiction
Jest Right Anthony, Piers Regular Fantasy Fiction
Little Disasters Vaughan, Sarah Large Thriller Fiction
Lost Hills Goldberg, Lee Large Thriller Fiction
Massacre at Whip Station Richards, Dusty Large Western Fiction
No Offense Cabot, Meg Regular Romance Fiction
On a Coastal Breeze Fisher, Suzanne Woods Large Christian Romance
Royal Steel, Danielle Regular Domestic Fiction
Shadows in Death Robb, J.D. Regular Suspense Fiction
Shadows in Death Robb, J.D. Large Suspense Fiction
Shot to Hell Johnstone, William W.  Large Western Fiction
Someone to Romance Balogh, Mary Large Historical Romance
Squeeze Me Hiaasen, Carl Regular Political Fiction
The Comeback Berman, Ella Large Psychological Fiction
The Darkest Evening Cleeves, Ann Large Mystery Fiction
The Farm Stand Clipston, Amy Large Christian Romance
The Holdout Moore, Graham Large Mystery Fiction
The Invention of Sound Palahniuk, Chuck Regular Suspense Fiction
The Light After the War Abriel, Anita Large Historical Fiction
The Lost and Found Bookshop Wiggs, Susan Large Romance Fiction
The Lying Life of Adults Ferrante, Elena Large Domestic Fiction
The Midwife Murders Patterson, James Large Thriller Fiction
The Secrets of Love Story Bridge Patrick, Phaedra Large Romance Fiction
The Silent Wife Slaughter, Karin Large Suspense Fiction
The Socialite Ciesielski, J'nell Large Historical Fiction
The Spoilt Quilt Dallas, Sandra Large Western Fiction
The Stone Wall Lewis, Beverly Regular Christian Romance
The Tubman Command Cobbs, Elizabeth Large Historical Fiction
The Water Keeper Martin, Charles Large Christian Fiction
Then She Vanished Parker, T. Jefferson Large Thriller Fiction
Thick as Thieves Brown, Sandra Regular Suspense Fiction
Total Power Flynn, Vince Regular Thriller Fiction
Tranquility Falls Bunn, Davis Large Christian Romance
Truth and Justice Michaels, Fern Large Mystery Fiction
Two Thousand Grueling Miles Martin, L.J. Large Western Fiction
Unveiling the Past Sawyer, Kim Vogel Large Christian Mystery
Whirlwind Dailey, Janet Large Romance Fiction