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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, August 2023

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, August 2023
New Titles for August 2023
Title Author Print Type
A Face in the Crowd King, Stephen Regular
A Likeable Woman Cobb, May Large
A Little Ray of Sunshine Higgins, Kristan Large
After Death Koontz, Dean  Large
Birder, She Wrote Andrews, Donna Large
Broker of Lies James, Steven Regular
Cassandra in Reverse Smale, Holly Regular
Circle of Death Patterson, James Large
Countdown Eason, Lynette Large
Cutting Teeth Baker, Chandler Large
Dead Fall Thor, Brad Large
Double Indemnity Whitlow, Robert Regular
Fairest of Heart Witemeyer, Karen Large
Family Lore Acevedo, Elizabeth Large
Fire With Fire Fox, Candice Large
Gone Tonight  Pekkanen, Sarah  Large
Good Night from Paris Healey, Jane Large
Hello Stranger Center, Katherine Large
Immortal Longings Gong, Chloe Large
Mother of the Bride Murder Meier, Leslie Large
Obsessed Patterson, James Large
Out of Nowhere Brown, Sandra Regular
Pink Lemonade Cake Murder Fluke, Joanne Large
Preacher's Purge Johnstone, William W. Large
The All-American Finkbeiner, Susie Large
The Best Summer of Our Lives Hauck, Rachel Large
The Bone Hacker Reichs, Kathy Large
The Bourne Defiance Freeman, Brian Large
The Butterfly Effect McKenny, Rachel Mans Large
The Carnivale of Curiosities Gibbs, Amiee Large
The Happiness Plan Mallery, Susan Large
The Happy life of Isadora Bentley Walsh, Courtney Large
The Marauders Manning, Jason Large
The Mistletoe Countess Basham, Pepper Large
The Secret Book of Flora Lea Henry, Patti Callahan Large
The Secret to Happiness Fisher, Suzanne Woods Large
The Spare Room Bartz, Andrea Large
The Tenderfoot Vaughan, Robert Large
The Woman in the Castello James, Kelsey Large
The Woman Who Beat the Odds Crigger, C.K. Large
This Thy Brother Miller, Rod Large
With Every Memory Rosche, Janine Large