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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, October 2023

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, October 2023
New Titles for October 2023
Title Author Print Type
A Family for the Rancher Stelmack, M.K. Large
A Short Rope for a Tall Man Morgan, Nate Large
After That Night Slaughter, Karin Large
Amazing Grace Adams Littlewood, Fran Large
Be Useful : Seven Tools for Life Schwarzenegger, Arnold Regular Bio
Blessing of the Lost Girls Jance, J.A. Large
Blue Rivers of Heaven Jackson, Mark C. Large
Build the Life You Want Brooks, Arthur C. Regular
Cimarron McBride, Andrew Large
Code Red Flynn, Vince Large
Condor's Fury Cussler, Clive Large
Counting the Cost Duggar, Jill Regular
Dark Memory Feehan, Christine Regular
Dead Mountain Preston, Douglas Large
Death Comes to Lajitas Griffin, James J. Large
Fall of Ruin and Wrath Armentrout, Jennifer L. Large
Finding Us Peterson, Tracie Large
Flop Dead Gorgeous Rosenfelt, David Large
Good Bad Girl Feeney, Alice Large
Holly King, Stephen Large
Into the Fire Hannon, Irene Regular
Jackie : Public, Private, Secret Taraborrelli, J. Randy Regular Bio
Judgment Prey Sandford, John Regular
Judgment Prey Sandford, John Large
Just a Regular Boy Hyde, Catherine Ryan Large
Killing the Witches O'Reilly, Bill Regular NF
Learned By Heart Donoghue, Emma Large
Liar! Michaels, Fern Large
Longhorns East Boggs, Johnny D. Large
Making it So Stewart, Patrick Regular Bio
Malibu Burning Goldberg, Lee Regular
Masters of Death Blake, Olivie Large
Meet Me At the Lake Fortune, Carley Regular
Mrs. Porter Calling Pearce, A.J. Large
Murder Most Royal Bennett, SJ Large
Nineteen Steps Brown, Milly Bobby Large
None of This Is True Jewell, Lisa Large
Off the Record Davis, Susan Page Large
Out of Nowhere Brown, Sandra Large
Payback in Death Robb, J.D. Large
Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door Score, Lucy Regular
Seeing Us Wick, Audrey Large
Shell Beach Bunn, T. Davis Large
Silver Nitrate Moreno-Garcia, Silvia Large
Summer in the Spotlight Johnson, Liz Large Bio
Talking to My Angels Etheridge, Melissa Large
Talulah's Back in Town Novak, Brenda Large
The Armor of Light Follett, Ken Large
The Art of Love and Lies Anderson, Rebecca Large
The Breakaway Weiner, Jennifer Large
The Christmas Hummingbird Bunn, T. Davis Regular
The Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf Smith, Alexander McCall Large
The Engineer's Wife Wood, Tracey Enerson Regular
The Exchange Grisham, John Regular
The Girl from The Papers Wright, Jennifer L. Large
The Heart's Bidding Irvin, Kelly Large
The Heirloom Lewis, Beverly Large
The Hidden One Castillo, Linda Large
The Longmire Defense Johnson, Craig Regular
The President's Wife Wood, Tracey Enerson Large
The Raging Storm Cleeves, Ann Large
The River We Remember Krueger, William Kent Large
Things We Never Got Over Score, Lucy Regular
To Free the Stars Ciesielski, J'Nell Large
Weapons Grade Clancy, Tom Large
Wilde Love Ryan, Jennifer Large
Wildflower Falls Hunter, Denise Large