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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, July 2023

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, July 2023
New Titles for July 2023
Title Author Print Type
A Heart Worth Stealing Barker, Joanna Large
Across the Shores Couch, Angela K. Large
After Death Koontz, Dean Regular
American Blood Manning, Jason Large
Bad Influence Parker, Robert B. Large
Beware the Woman Abbott, Megan Large
Blind Trust Walters, Natalie Regular
Breakneck Cameron, Marc Large
Circle of Death Patterson, James Regular
Cold Pursuit Mehl, Nancy Regular
Coldwater Range Nesbitt, John D. Large
Counter Attack Bradley, Patricia Regular
Cross Down Patterson, James Large
Daughters of Nantucket Gerstenblatt, Julie Large
Dead Fall Thor, Brad Regular
Dead Man's Trail Morgan, Nate Large
Edge of Steele Sleeman, Susan Regular
Flags on the Bayou Burke, James Lee Regular
Flags on the Bayou Burke, James Lee Large
Good Dog, Bad Cop Rosenfelt, David Large
Her Alaskan Return Calhoune, Belle Large
How Y'all Doing? Jordan, Leslie Regular Bio
In Feast or Famine Andrews, Mesu Large
In the Shadow of the River Gabhart, Ann H. Large
In This Moment Meyer, Gabrielle Large
Killing Moon Nesbo, Jo Large
Lady Tan's Circle of Women See, Lisa Large
Ledge McEwan, Stacey Regular
Must Love Flowers Macomber, Debbie Regular
Nemesis Smith, Wilbur Regular
Obsessed Patterson, James Regular
Only the Dead Carr, Jack Large
Palazzo Steel, Danielle Large
Palazzo Steel, Danielle Regular
Pride & Puppies Shane, Lizzie Large
Private Moscow Patterson, James Large
Queen Charlotte Quinn, Julia Regular
Remember Me Balogh, Mary Large
Ride a Fast Horse Warren, Kevin Large
Second Chance at Rancho Lindo Sol, Sabrina Large
Shadows of the Past Bradley, Patricia Regular
Sweet Pea Summer Murray, Alys Large
Sycamore Circle Gray, Shelley Shepard Regular
The Art Thief Finkel, Michael Large NF
The Benevolent Society of Ill-mannered Ladies Goodman, Alison Large
The Book That Wouldn't Burn Lawrence, Mark Regular
The Cabinet of Dr. Leng Preston, Douglas Large
The Enigma of Garlic Smith, Alexander McCall Large
The First Ladies Benedict, Marie Large
The Five-Star Weekend Hilderbrand, Elin Large
The Forever Mountain Dundee, Wayne D. Large
The Good Luck Café Rains, Annie Large
The Heart's Choice Peterson, Tracie Large
The House on Prytania White, Karen Large
The Laws of Attraction Connealy, Mary Large
The Lies We Believe Harris, Lisa Regular
The Lock-up Banville, John Large
The Only One Left Sager, Riley Large
The Paris Daughter Harmel, Kristin Large
The Rowan Bunn, T. Davis Regular
The Survivor Johansen, Iris Large
The Swiss Nurse Escobar, Mario Large
The Wind Knows My Name Allende, Isabel Large
The Year of Jubilee Morgan, Cindy Large
Under The Magnolias Lowe, T.I. Large
Zero Days Ware, Ruth Large