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Summer Reading Program 2019

"A Universe of Stories!"

Why Summer Reading?

Multiple studies have consistently shown that reading during summer months prevents the phenomenon known as “summer reading loss”. This is important because summer reading loss is cumulative. Children who fall behind their peers over the summer don’t “catch up” to the other kids in the fall because the other children are progressing with their skills. By the end of the 6th grade, children who lose reading skills over the summer are two years behind their classmates.  Participation in a summer reading program can often be just the thing that helps a child develop a lifelong habit of reading.

Obviously, summer reading is important, but it is also fun!  The Lumberton Public Library offers a variety of exciting activities that make the summer reading experience enjoyable.  Reluctant readers are much more likely to pick up a book after coming to one of our entertaining shows or participating in other fun activities such as Movie Tuesday Double Feature.  Our library program also provides a range of reading materials to accommodate diverse learners and learning styles.  Struggling readers find items like magazines, graphic novels, and audio books much less intimidating.  We also have eBooks for children!  During the school year, reading is a structured activity and students often must read approved books.  In our summer reading program, children can read whatever books they would like to read.  This is important, because even highly motivated, strong readers can “burn out”.  A summer that includes pleasure reading can help keep children more engaged and involved in reading activities once school resumes in the fall.

Important Program Dates

Pre-Registration: May 27 -- June 1, 2019

Reading Program: June 3 -- June 29, 2019

Awards Program: August 3, 2019



Special Performances

June 5 @ 2 pm -- John O'Bryant (Magician)

June 12 @ 2 pm -- OPEN

 June 19 @ 2 pm -- Houston Museum of Natural Science presents - "Exploring Energy"

June 26 @ 2 pm -- Sonny "The Birdman" Carlin


All events will be held at the LISD Performing Arts Center


Come join us for movie double features and popcorn! 

Movie Tuesdays (click on movie titles for preview)

RSVP REQUIRED FOR EACH MOVIE (to deliver an enjoyable experience)

June 4 @ 10:30 am -- TBA     

     @ 1:30 pm -- TBA


June 11 @ 10:30 am -- TBA             

@ 1:30 pm -- TBA


 June 18 @ 10:30 am -- TBA                    

        @1:30 pm -- TBA


            June 25 @ 10:30 am -- TBA                 

@1:30 pm -- TBA




For more information about our program, the social events, or to reserve your spot(s) for a summer movie schedule, please call 755-7400.