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Lumberton Public Library

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, November 2023

Selection of New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, November 2023
New Titles for November 2023
Title Author Print Type
12 Months to Live Patterson, James Large
23 1/2 Lies Patterson, James Large
A Christmas Vanishing Perry, Anne Large
A Collision of Dreams Dalton, George Regular
All My Knotted-Up Life Moore, Beth Regular Bio
Being Henry  Winkler, Henry Regular Bio
Betrayal Margolin, Phillip Regular
Bright Young Women Knoll, Jessica Large
Chasm McEwan, Stacey Regular
Death By Food Truck Copeland, Joi Large
Dirty Thirty Evanovich, Janet Regular
Dirty Thirty Evanovich, Janet Large
Fourth Wing Yarros, Rebecca Regular
From A Far and Lovely Country Smith, Alexander McCall Regular
Happiness Steel, Danielle Large
In the Likely Event Yarros, Rebecca Regular
Let Us Descend Ward, Jesmyn Large
Lone Star Legacy Johnstone, William W. Large
Misbelief Ariely, Dan Regular NF
Obsession Woods, Stuart Large
One Last Kill Dugoni, Robert Large
Resurrection Walk Connelly, Michael Regular
Sister of Starlit Seas Brooks, Terry Regular
Starling House Harrow, Alix E. Large
Stolen Focus Hari, Johann Regular NF
Testament Smith, Wilbur Regular
The Big Sky Gutherie Jr. , A.B.  Regular
The Corsican Shadow Cussler, Clive Large
The Fall: The End of Fox News Wolff, Michael Large NF
The Gun Wolves Dundee, Wayne D. Large
The House on Firefly Beach Hale, Jenny Large
The Invisible Hour Hoffman, Alice Large
The Last Exchange Martin, Charles Large
The Last Letter Yarros, Rebecca Regular
The Legacy of Longdale Manor Turansky, Carrie Large
The Mustangers Lewis, Preston Large
The Paris Deception Turnbull, Bryn Large
The Scavengers Johnstone, William W. Large
The Secret Child, Lee Regular
The Spy Coast Gerritsen, Tess Regular
The Summer of Songbirds Harvey, Kristy Woodson Large
This Man Must Die Johnstone, William W. Large
Throne of the Fallen Maniscalco, Kerri Regular
Under the Cover of Mercy Connolly, Rebecca Large
West With Giraffes Rutledge, Lynda Large
Worthy Smith, Jada Pinkett Regular Bio