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Lumberton Public Library

Community Room Policy and Application







The Community room is open for use to civic, educational, literary, historical, and cultural organizations.

The meeting room is not available for social or commercial purposes. It is available on a first come first served basis.

Admission must be free of charge for all activities held in the meeting room.

The following charges apply for meetings held in the Community Room:

$15.00 per four hours or any part of four hours.

$25.00 for four hours to eight hours use.

Payment must be made prior to use of room. Payments are required to all groups/organizations, including non-profits. The only exception is made to library sponsored events.

A series of meetings may not exceed one calendar year without application for renewal of room use.

The Lumberton Public Library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations in the event of emergencies, special library programs, or if library property is not cared for properly. The person making the reservation is responsible for damages to the premises.

If a group cancels a meeting, the Librarian must be notified 24 hours in advance so that the room may be rescheduled. If no notification is given, the library will assume that the meeting plus all scheduled future meetings of that organization are cancelled.

With prior approval, food or beverages may be served in the Community Room. A $15.00 fee will be assessed if the kitchen is not left in satisfactory order. No maid service will be furnished by the library. All trash must be removed at the end of the meeting by the organization using the Community Room. A refundable breakage and damage deposit of $15.00 is required if food or beverages are to be served.

No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed on the library premises.

Tobacco use is not permitted in the library.

To request the Community Room, please complete the form on the reverse side and mail or hand deliver to Lumberton Public Library, 130 E. Chance, Lumberton, Texas 77657.

We look forward to having your group meet in the Library.



(Maximum of 50 people)


Name of Organization _______________________________________________________

Date of Meeting ____________________________________________________________

Time and Duration of Meeting _______________________________________________

Nature of Meeting __________________________________________________________

Name of President ______________________________ Phone Number______________

Name of Secretary ______________________________ Phone Number ______________


As authorized representative of the above organization, I hereby apply for the use of the Lumberton Public Library Community Room. I HAVE READ THE REGULATIONS OF THIS APPLICATION AND AGREE TO COMPLY WITH THEM.


Address ___________________________________________________________________

Driver’s License Number _________________   Phone Number ____________________

Title ___________________________________


Approved _______________

Not Approved _____________

Reason for Non-approval____________________________________________________



Date __________________________